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It has taken me many years to piece together this shack. It is always growing, and always changing as I add more stuff or trade off the old stuff.


In this photo of the main shack I have a Flex 5000 Software Defined Radio with the spectrum display spread across two computer monitors. The Flex is decked out with the second receiver, the built in antenna tuner and the  VU5K ( VHF and UHF)  module, I use the HEIL PR781 microphone.

I love the spectrum display and the waterfall it adds a dimension to operating that  I find hard to live without now.


I also have a Kenwood TS-2000x  with HF, VHF UHF and 1.2Ghz, with this radio I use the HEIL Gold Line mic, it has two elements, I can switch for FM or SSB..  I primarily use this radio for the VHF and above bands and a second back up  for HF.  It also does APRS and has some terrific computer related features through the RS-232 port.


I have an Icom 756pro III hooked to a rigblaster and a computer which I use mostly for Digital and backup HF rig.


I also have the old monster classic Icom IC-781, its a classic and just fun to operate, another backup HF rig.


Then I have a some very fine receivers, all of them computer controllable and record-able!

The ICOM IC-R9000L. It looks almost exactly like the IC-781 but receives from 0.1 MHz to 2GHz.


And the Military grade RACAL  RA6790/GM

And a really good SDR Receiver made by RFSpace


And of course several Uniden police scanners including digital that run 24 hours a day.

A big floor standing amplifier, the Henry Radio 3k-A.


A Palstar AT-Auto automatic full power antenna tuner.

We moved to a home with a couple of acres so I could plenty with antennas.  Even when we lived in a restricted home I always had plenty of antennas, but now they can be BIG and SEEN!


Now I have two towers and lots of antennas. The main HF beam is a BIG T8 Log Periodic made by Tennadyne.  On the same tower I also have a wideband discone antenna and three dilbert loops for SSB VHF/UHF.

Mounted on the barn I have a TItan DX omni HF antenna made by GAP Antennas.. This antenna is the best operating vertical I have ever used.  I keep having problems with the antenna bending the mounting poles as the antenna only fits a certain size pole and the antenna has a pretty big wind load.   But it works fantastic for a vertical!

There is also seeral pullys on the tower so I can pull up any number of wire antennas.


The other Tower has 2 meter, 440 and 1.2GHz antennas as well as a TV antenna.

This is a photo of a nice station I had in the late 90s.
The main rig (bottom left) is an Icom IC-781 for HF with an Icom SM-20 Mic and Icom  PW-1 amplifier.

Above that with the orange face is the Icom IC-970 VHF / UHF / 1.2Ghz

Then to the right are two of the big Icom IC-R9000 Receivers. 
A couple of Compaq laptops.

and above is an whole bunch of stuff..  Mostly digital !  A couple of the AEA PK-232 and other decoding and recording devices..  The little computer up top receives packet  (unproto) all day sort of like a modern day chat room.



At this point about 2008 or so, I had my first Flex radio, the 3000 and an Icom 756pro , on the right top is an Icom 910H with vhf / uhf and 1.2g as well.

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